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10th Sep 14 • 22 notes • Reblog
Para nunca olvidar mi niño interior.
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Be present, 
feel how everything is connected, 
be part of it, 
feel how it flows through you.
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Speak to me,
I want to know you,
I want to learn more.
04th Aug 14 • 28 notes • Reblog
I was lost, but losing myself was only a step to be fully aware of what I am.
Awareness is a beautiful thing, 
awareness is what I am, 
and I won’t lose myself again.
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Anonymous said: Omg i've reblogged that picture of your neck with the soft lighting and your sexy adam's apple that has like 50k notes like a million times and i JUST NOW found out that you're from Puerto Rico!! Att. Otra Boricua ;D

¡Puerto Rico en la casa!

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Anonymous said: When are you going to do a nude shoot where we can see EVERYTHING

Today, hopefully!

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Anonymous said: hi! :D // so.. where are you from?

I’m from Puerto Rico!

25th Jun 14 • 13 notes • Reblog
I thank you